How to Lose Lower Ab Fat

Published on 30 January 2020 at 03:08

Lower abdominal fat is extremely common. For some reason our body naturally prefers to store fat in the lower region of our stomach. There's not much we can do about that but we can lose lower ab fat and help prevent it with some much needed changes to our diets. Learning how to lose lower ab fat is simple as stated on website. I will show you how in just a few seconds. The hard part however is actually doing it and sticking with it!


How do we get lower ab fat? The answer to this is relatively simple. We eat too much. When your body takes in more calories than it needs, it will store the remaining calories as fat. Where this fat is stored depends on a persons genetics but more often than not the body will store fat in the lower ab area. This seems to be the body's preferred place for storing fat leading people to refer to it as lower ab fat.


How do I lose lower ab fat? In order to lose lower ab fat you will need to combine cardio and weight lifting with a calorie deficit diet. Or at least two of the three! A lot of people believe that training the problem area where fat is stored will help you lose weight from that specific area.


It is impossible to spot reduce fat from specific areas of your body. Just because you work your lower ab muscles does not mean you will burn away lower ab fat. You will grow and strengthen the lower ab area but you will not burn the fat away unless you combine your ab exercises with a calorie deficit diet.

Calorie Deficit Diet

If your serious about losing lower ab fat then your diet is first in line for a makeover. First change you need to make will be with your calories. You will need to take in less calories than your body needs each day to help lose weight and burn fat. This is known as eating a calorie deficit. If on the other hand you wanted to put weight on, you would eat in a calorie surplus. To ensure your eating in a calorie deficit you will need to know your body maintenance level of calories for each day. This is how many calories your body can take in throughout a day without putting on any further weight or losing it.


Once you know your maintenance level of calories, you then need to re-adjust your diet so you are consuming around 300-500 less calories than your maintenance level. This will help you burn lower ab fat and lose weight. Don't lower your daily calorie consumption too much when first starting out as overtime it will make you feel horrible, lower your body metabolism and make it increasingly harder for you to lose weight and burn off that lower ab fat. Start off gradually and cut your calories down accordingly when you stop losing weight.


In order to keep track of your calories accurately I would recommend creating a diet plan with set meals in it along with the times of when you will be consuming these meals. Calculate the calories in each meal and jot them down. This way you have a guide as to what meals you will be consuming as well as the calories in these meals. An effective diet plan will help you lose lower ab fat and allow you to make appropriate changes to your diet when you are not progressing. Depending on how much lower ab fat you have, eating in a calorie deficit for a number of weeks/months and staying consistant in your diet may be all thats required to lose lower ab fat. However, I would still recommend combining a healthy diet with exercise for even better results.


There are so many health benefits to cardio there's no acceptable excuse to neglect it in your quest to get healthier and lose lower ab fat. Cardio is not only great for your body and health, it is also great for losing lower ab fat and burning additional calories. Cardio will burn calories during exercise as well as afterwards by elevating your body's metabolism. Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories when at rest. Elevating it through cardio and exercise is a great way to help your body burn off more calories throughout the day and lose lower ab fat.


If your new to cardio, depending on your size and weight I would recommend you start light jogging for 10-20 minutes 2-4 times a week, either outside or inside on a treadmill. As you get fitter increase your jogging time and the number of days if necessary. If you consider yourself extremely overweight, alternatively I would recommend a brisk 20-60 minute walk each day. Cardio for beginners can be daunting when first starting out but once you get into the routine of doing it you will feel and look a lot better. Check out the Cardio section for more great information about cardio if needed.

Weight Training

Weight training is another great way to help you lose lower ab fat. Weight training will help you build lean muscle and prevent your body from burning away valuable muscle tissue when in a calorie deficit. You wont be able to build muscle fast when in a calorie deficit but a lot of beginners/untrained athletes will actually be able to lose fat and build muscle at the same time if their diet is good and high in protein. A high protein diet is needed to grow and repair muscle tissue and can also help stop food cravings. So how much protein do you need? I would recommend an intake of at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. An intake of 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight can also be beneficial.


Of course weight training is great for strength and muscle gains but what does this have to do with losing lower ab fat? Weight training has a similar effect on the body as cardio does. Weight training will burn calories and elevate your body's metabolism. Certain studies claim that weight training elevates your metabolism for longer periods of time than cardio, helping your body to burn more calories throughout the day. Its also worth mentioning that muscle built through weight training will naturally lead to your body burning more calories. Muscle is metabolically active and burns more calories than any other kind of body tissue. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn throughout the day.


If you have no gym equipment at home and cant afford to get a gym membership you can still build muscle from the comfort of your own home. Although not ideal, working out at home without weights can still be effective. Bottom line, weight training will help you lose lower ab fat while preserving/building valuable muscle tissue.


Summary on how to lose lower ab fat. To lose lower ab fat you need to lose weight and eat in a calorie deficit. This is an absolute must. There is no way you can lose lower ab fat if you do not eat in a calorie deficit. Eat around 300-500 calories under your body's maintenance level while cutting your calories gradually. Don't go from eating 3000 calories a day down to 1000. You will not be able to stick to these kind of eating habits in the long term and you will eventually stop losing lower ab fat. In my opinion never go below 1,700 calories a day.


To continue losing lower ab fat you should incorporate cardio or weight lifting into your routine. Ideally you should use both. Plan your days where you will perform cardio and plan your days where you will do your weight training. A nice simple fitness plan that incorporates cardio and weight training into your daily routines may look something like this:


  • Monday - Morning Cardio, Evening Weight Training
  • Wednesday - Morning Cardio, Evening Weight Training
  • Friday - Morning Cardio, Evening Weight Training


This is a nice simple routine that allows a full days rest between workouts and allows you to pursue other interests at the weekends rather than training. Depending how motivated and fit you are you may alter this routine to perform your cardio or weight training more often. The choice is yours. I'm just showing you an example of a simple and effective routine that anyone can do.


Some people may be able to lose lower ab fat simply by cutting down the calories in their diet and eating in a calorie deficit. If you are happy with the results you get from doing this then fine, you may not need to do cardio or weight training unless you have a strong interest in them. The only problem with focusing directly on a calorie deficit to lose lower ab fat is that eventually your progress will stall and you will find it increasingly harder to lose weight and lower ab fat.


This is where cardio and weight training can really help you and break any weight loss plateau you may encounter. You will be able to eat far more food if you add cardio and weight training to your routines and you wont have to keep cutting calories in order to lose lower ab fat. Far better progress can be made by incorporating cardio and weight training into your routine.

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